The Song of the Broad Axe

A documentary about creating something from nothing. 

Northeast Historic Film

Northeast Historic Film in Bucksport, Maine is an amazing repository of archival footage. We found some gems to use in the film. From footage of lumberjacks in the North Woods, to instructions on how to take care of your axe, to 1970s Woodsmen competitions. The archive let us spend an afternoon digging through this footage. I really can't wait to get back and find an idea for my next project...

Here is a still from the Colby Woodsmen 1977 collection.

We didn't get any photos in the archive, but we did stop on the way back to take a photo of this lake and the fall trees near Union, Maine. Part of the reason we wanted to shoot this documentary was to get out into parts of Maine we've never been to or parts we wanted to explore more.